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How using menstrual cups improve women's lives?


It can safely be used while sleeping, travelling, sports activities, and even swimming.

No dryness

Does not cause dryness or irritate the vaginal mucosa, which are common problem with traditional  feminine hygiene product.


Much cheaper and eco-friendly alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products.

water tampon

Works as water tampon and prevents water from entering the vagina while bathing in a tub and swimming in dirty pool or sea.

Easy and care-free

Lalicup is a menstrual cup, the first one designed and produced in Slovenia. Lalicup was made for all women and girls to make their period experience more pleasant, easier to handle and much more comfortable.
Lalicup menstrual cup is healthier, more comfortable, reliable, ecological and also much cheaper alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products used in the past centuries.

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Keep in step with the times

Are you still facing prejudice against menstrual cups and insist on using traditional tampons and pads? Don't worry, you're not the only one!

Just a note to express what a wonderful cup the Lali cup is. I think it far exceeds the quality of the other cups I have. I have a job where I am on the road for many hours a day without access to a restroom and the high capacity has made my days leak-free. The grip rings actually work! I am so pleased with my purchase of your product. Thank you for making such a high quality cup! It makes my life so much easier and stress free. With much gratitude, Trisha
Trisha form USA
Positively surprised! I thought that the cup will disturb my sleep at night and prevent me from walking and doing sports, but it is so comfortable, that I don't even use tampons anymore! I recommend it to all who want to minimize the effect of menstruation on their everyday life!
Barbara from Domžale
It was amazing! No spilling and no blood stains!Even if I told myself to wait few periods and see how it works, I knew immediately that this is the best buy and by far the best decision I have taken! I'm so exited!
Petra from Ljubljana
With Lalicup it's about us and the environment! The inflammation is gone and itching disappeared along with other unpleasant feelings during menstruation. And above all - which is the most surprising thing for me - my menstruation period lasts a day or two less than before! Besides, my periods have been so light recently that spending money for pads or tampons seems almost ridiculous.
Katarina from Koper Slovenia