A review of the Lalicup

A black beauty… A review of the Lalicup


March 8, 2018


Have you ever seen a cup available in black? Well feast your eyes on the Lalicup black edition. What a beauty and what a cup!


I have been corresponding with Mateja – the director of Lalicup and she is wonderful. I decided to give the Lalicup a go and I am so glad I did. Lalicup also sell period panties which I am yet to review so keep your eyes peeled.


What stood out to me when I received the cup is the curved design around the body of the cup. All the design protrudes on the outside of the cup and the inside is completely smooth. I see this as a good point because it makes cleaning the cup easier. The cup feels relatively soft in its stiffness but actually performs brilliantly well in terms of popping open when in position and incredibly easy to break the seal when removing. This is one of the main things I love about this cup. It is really easy to use.



I couldn’t wait to give the Lalicup a go – I was towards the end of my cycle so the flow was quite light. I was somewhat disappointed I couldn’t ‘test’ the Lalicup during my heavier days! I was surprised at how easy the cup is to insert and even more surprised at how easy the cup is to remove. Mega plus points!

The black colour really stood out to me and I wanted a black cup in my collection – the cup itself is somewhat transparent enough to be able to easily see the level of fluid content in good light if you are the sort of person who likes to know the amount of menstrual fluid in your cup.


Inserting the cup was easy enough – the C fold works well, the push down/tulip fold didn’t work so well. The cup keeps its’ shape throughout inserting all the way in. Most times the cup popped open in position – I always double check that it is but all I do with the Lalicup is feel the body of the cup and it is quickly obvious that it is fully open. The stem is solid yet soft enough so that I could not feel the stem at all so will not be trimming it as I don’t like to butcher cups if I can help it.

Removing the cup is so user friendly! I think it is the easiest to break the seal out of all cups in my collection so far so it is fast becoming a favourite. It breaks seal pretty much with one or two attempts without having to manipulate the cup by twisting or gently teasing down the cervix which I usually do with most other cups. On breaking the seal of the cup by pressing on the body and rim there is great confidence in the body of the cup not to totally fold in and risk fluid coming over the rim. The grip rings work really well – I don’t need the stem at all to assist with removal but won’t remove it for reasons stated above. The unique design of the vertical outer curves I believe, as advertised, do a great deal in assisting with the cup popping open and with the ease of removal.


Cleaning is very easy too – no fluid sticks on the inside because there are no protruding design features or details on the inside which is completely smooth. I did not find the suction holes to be of any problems either – all fluid cleaned out of these easily too. Some cups have really small suction holes so need a little more effort to ensure the holes are totally clear of any fluid or residue.

I decided to wait for my next cycle to use the Lalicup on my heavier days and see how I got on with it. It did not disappoint and handled my flow very well. During my heavier flow days I am quite strict with making sure I empty my cup no longer than 6 hours after the last empty. This way I can ensure there are no leaks – you can risk leaks with some cups when you allow more fluid that it’s maximum stated capacity. I would advise you to set a reminder or alarm on your phone for 4 – 6 hours on the heavier days if you feel like you need to – to remind yourself to empty your cup. I cannot stress how often I have forgotten I am, firstly, wearing a cup and, secondly, on my period at all when wearing a cup! The design of a ‘second rim’ just under the usual rim of the Lalicup is there to assist leak prevention – I am not going to test this because I believe as a menstrual cup user you are personally responsible of proper use (such as setting an empty cup reminder on heavy days) rather than relying on your menstrual cup, however, the ‘second rim’ design surely gives you some piece of mind.


The Lalicup makes an ideal first cup as it is soft and easy to use. But for these reasons it is a great cup in general and truly believe it would make any cup user, new or experienced, very satisfied. Each design feature speaks out and has its place and function that work well.

This is certainly a cup I will be using frequently and look forward to using. As a cup user of the smaller sizes this one is certainly up there due to its larger capacity in the small size cup world. According toTheCupSoc’s cup comparison table the Lalicup has the greatest capacity of all small sized cups (compared with all the capacities confirmed from manufacturers included in the list up to the date of this post’s publication, some cups have not disclosed this therefore cannot be compared in this situation).

Thank you Mateja! Lalicup is awesome!