Can I work out during my period?

We get quite a few questions related to various sports and menstruation. Can I work out during my period? Can exercise and period go hand in hand even during vigorous workouts or will it leak?


Did you know that you can swim with a menstrual cup? You can rely on a menstrual cup for all water activities. You use it as usual: insert the cup before swimming and empty it once you come out of the water. It offers you complete protection.


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What about fitness, yoga and other sports? What types of exercise are (in)appropriate during menstruation?

This is not about limiting yourself to certain types of activities, as the cup offers complete protection regardless of the activity. But we must bear in mind that we are different: listen and respect your body. Find the activity that works best for you at that time of the month.

My experience: a few days before menstruation I am usually quite tired, so I will be doing simpler exercises (there are a whole bunch of easier/beginner workouts on the internet. Just search for “period workout” and you will see what I am talking about). I usually don’t exercise on the first day, and the other days I can choose any activity and be calm thanks to my trusty LaliCup.


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