If I ever checked my LaliCup menstrual cup and saw blue fluid instead of red blood, I think I would have a mini heart attack!

So why do so many sanitary product manufacturers feel the need to use blue liquid when denoting menstrual blood?

What is so disgusting about this red colour that compels ad makers to use a vibrant blue colour that is not naturally occurring in a human body at all?

Advertisements for period products are often silly and unrealistic scenarios, portraying women dancing around in their compulsory white trousers having the best time of their lives.

It is hard to imagine these ads were written by people who have heard of cramps and other discomforts during menstruation let alone had periods themselves. However, for many, these ads are an important and often the only source of information on this topic.


Women do not bleed blue!


Such advertising reaches a huge audience and has the power to either spread stigma and shame around menstruation or to inform and empower viewers about the reality of periods.

The ubiquitous blue liquid used in many an ad sends mixed signals to young people about what periods are. Not to mention that it subtly suggests period blood is too disgusting to show on TV.

Isn’t it ironic that you could watch a commercial break with “blue period blood” and after that, you would continue on watching a show – sports, medical dramas, action or horror films – where blood (yes, the normal kind) is an everyday occurrence.


menstrual cup and blue fluid


I would argue that even bigger issue regarding period representation than a silly blue dye in commercials, but this is a can of worms that we will save for another time.

Do not get me wrong, I am not advocating for period blood to be blasted onto every photo, every commercial and conversation we have… but we do have to take the opportunity to speak about our bodies – what is normal and what is not – and maybe things will gradually change, and the information will not be given through the lens of the blue dye of shame.

What do you think about this topic? I am very much interested in your opinion.

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