How to Prevent Period Leaks

Aren’t unexpected leaks and stained bedsheets reserved for teenagers? If only… Our cycle’s length and intensity vary throughout our lives, so it’s no surprise that leaks are something many of us experience in adulthood as well.

Prevent Period Leaks period  panties


Why it happens?

  • heavy flow is more difficult to control and more likely to cause leaking.
  • You might not have found the right product or a combination of products for your flow.
  • If it is happening during the night, it could all come down to your sleeping position.

Prevent Period Leaks period cup

So, what are my options? 

Explore new products
There’s a chance you simply haven’t found the best solution for yourself. You might feel more at ease using something that collects your blood before it leaves your body, such as a menstrual cupPeriod pads or period underwear are another alternative menstrual protection.
Double up on protection
Another option is to stock up on period products on heavier days. Wearing period underwear with your menstrual cup is an option, as is adding a washable pad to your already absorbent undies.

Alter your sleeping position.
Many of us discover that leaks are more likely to happen during the night, so experimenting with a new sleeping position could be the simple fix you need to save your favorite bedding. Period cups with large capacities like LaliCup model XL and bigger pads are available in our store to assist you during the night.

Do you want to know what to do if blood stains persist despite following all of the above recommendations? Do check us out in our next newsletter, as I’ll reveal a couple of tricks.

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