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Care-free, healthy, reliable and active. These are the ideals that you are looking for during your period right? Well, you came to the right place! Let us help you on your journey towards finding your perfect menstrual solution.

How does Lalicup work?

A cup with an extremely large capacity for a very strong flow.

Suitable for swimming and other activities.

A cheaper alternative to traditional hygienic products.

Environmentally friendly and durable solution that you can use for years.

Say goodbye to inflammation, irritation and dryness of the vagina! LaliCup is the easiest, most hygienic and eco-friendly solution for your body. Just follow four simple steps (fold – insert – remove – clean) and you are good to go.

Our use of conventional disposable pads and tampons is pretty darn wasteful and potentially harmful to our health. Not to mention that these products end up piling up the landfills! That is why buying our LaliCup is a great idea. With proper care, the cup will last for years.



Once LaliCup, always LaliCup. I use to itch a lot down there even when using super fancy and expensive natural pads – with LaliCup I haven’t got that problem. Pool, sea, sauna- there are no obstacles. It doesn’t dry out the mucous membrane. It is so comfortable that, after the second cycle, I don’t even feel it. Insert and voila ... It's the best!

Veronika Kočevar

I would like to say that your product is one of the BEST in the world; even though I have been using the cup for two years now I am still totally excited about it every month. ? I wish you millions of sold products!! All the best and continue the good work.

Jasmina Turnšek

Wonderful cup! It lasts me a very long time, easy to use because you don't feel it at all and not to mention how easy the cleaning is. Less messy than changing tampons! Last weekend I went to the beach where I had no trouble swimming and having a great time, despite being on my period. ? Our environment and our bodies also benefit from less waste and toxicity caused by traditional menstrual solutions.

Aleksandra Šavel

Lalicup is about us and the environment. I haven’t been as happy with a product in a long time including all the purchases I’ve made so far (not just related to menstruation). LaliCup is something wonderful! Due to my extremely heavy periods, I was always afraid of stains in the first days and during the night, I slept on towels and wore only dark trousers. Now I finally have my period under control and I feel amazing.

Tina Slabajna

Awesome thing ... It is simple, practical and you really don't feel it. For me, this is really a TOP thing, especially considering I didn’t like wearing tampons at all. ? I highly recommend it! ???

Melita Peršič

I absolutely recommend it ... the cup is very easy to use, you don't feel it at all during usage and also cleaning is very easy. Again, I highly recommend it! As much as I was in doubt before, I’m sure this purchase was a very smarter one! ?

Katjuša Reja

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No, menstrual cups are designed from soft medical silicone so they can be easily folded into a smaller shape and inserted into the vagina without any discomfort or pain. You can also use a lubricant.

Remember not to push the cup towards the cervix (like you are used to with tampon) but rather insert it by releasing at the labia so that the cup can capture as much air as possible. This makes it easier to establish a vacuum and opens completely in the vagina.

No, there is no pain or discomfort during use. With the correct insertion of the cup, you do not feel it at all, as it is safely and reliably positioned in its place with the help of a gentle vacuum. Thus, during use, we can comfortably and safely engage in diffrent sports activities, we can travel, sleep and even swim.

No, menstrual cups are carefully designed so that they can be handled easily and cleanly without blood stains on hands or clothes. The cup can be quickly removed. Just squeez the bottom in order to break the seal and pour it into the toilet. The blood is thicker than water, so it just won’t squirt everywhere.?

Using a menstrual cup in public toilets is no more challenging than at home. Pour the content of the cup into the toilet and clean the cup by rinsing it with a bottle of water. This ensures that usage in public toilets is also simple, fast and completely hygienic. If you do not have a bottle of water with you, it is enough to wipe the cup with mild intimate wipes, and in extreme cases even with toilet paper.

Menstrual blood is sterile in the uterus. When it leaks from the vagina into the cup, the blood has no contact with the air — thus maintaining sterility and not acquiring an unpleasant odor due to the decomposition and development of bacteria. That is why LaliCup is a more hygienic choice that does not cause an unpleasant odor. We don’t have to be afraid of bad odours even when we empty the cup in public toilets. ?

Not at all. When installed correctly, the cup cannot be felt at all. The special shape of the cup and the holes at the top, which create a gentle vacuum, ensure that it stays safe and secure in place during movement and sleep.

Menstrual cup only colects the blood so it still leaves your body once you empty it out. Sterile blood drips from the uterus into the vagina through a small opening in the cervix and continues down into the cup without disturbing the natural hydration of the vagina and without interfering with the natural process of cleansing dead cells. LaliCup is placed lower than tampons (as shown in the picture), making it even easier to collect all the blood, which is then poured out.


menstrualna skodelica proti tamponu / period cup vs tampon
Tampon / LaliCup

LaliCup is safe and reliable even while swimming or bathing; what’s more – it’s even recommended, as the cup can be used as a water tampon to prevent water from entering the vagina.

With the help of vacuum and vaginal muscles, the cup positions itself on the walls properly and collects fluid.

The vagina is a closed system where vacuum is already present, which also ensures that air does not enter the vagina. Vacuum = pressure that is less than the external (air) pressure so that it does not harm the vagina.  The only thing you have to remember isnot to pull only the steam of the cup but rather to squeeze for the bottom of the cup.

Choose your LaliCup

Hygienic and easy to use



Clean, simple and reliable


Thanks to the original design of the LaliCup cup, you will feel safe and comfortable during menstruation.LaliCup is available in several different colors.







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