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Cervix and anatomy

We are all different :)

The decision to use LaliCup menstrual cup is a first step into the world of health, comfort and well-being. But to fully experience the potential of this amazing product, you should first get to know your body first.

When talking about usage of a menstrual cup, it is especially important to learn about the cervix and pelvic floor muscles. The position of the cervix determines where in your vagina a menstrual cup is placed. The correct placement of the cup ensures its best efficiency without any unpleasant feeling. The pelvic floor muscles also have a significant impact on comfort when using a cup and strengthening these muscles.


The cervix

The cervix is the lower part of the uterus, which connects the uterus and vagina. Menstrual blood leaves the uterus through a small hole of the cervix connected to the vaginal canal. LaliCup catches the blood near the cervix and prevents it from leaving the body. The placement of a menstrual cup depends on the position of the cervix, as it is installed a few centimeters below the cervix – lower than we usually insert tampons.

In most women, the cervix lies deep in the vagina, but a menstrual cup is inserted less deeply to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort. If the cup is positioned too close to the cervix it can create pressure on the cervix and cause discomfort or even slight pain. Besides, leaks are more frequent for women who have inserted a menstrual cup too high.

How can you determine the location of your cervix?

To determine where your cervix sits insert a clean finger inside your vagina. Slowly move your finger deeper, past the pelvic bone and so-called „empty space“ of the vagina. After you have passed the vaginal canal with your finger, you will find a round numb with a bump in the middle that (during your menstruation) feels like the tip of your nose – that is your cervix.

Leaks are more frequent for women who have inserted menstrual cup too high and to close to the cervix, for women whose cervix moves lover during menstruation, or the ones that normally have the cervix situated low in the vagina. So, if you experience leakage, you should check if the cup has opened properly and if it is inserted correctly regarding the cervix position.




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