Care and cleaning

Taking care of your LaliCup menstrual cup is so easy! When you remove it from the vagina (which should create no more mess than changing a tampon), empty the content into toilet or sink. Wash the cup with water and soap or wipe it with intimate cleaning wipe LaliWipe and reinsert it.

There are several ways to clean LaliCup, but the best and simplest way is to wash it with water. First, rinse the cup with cold water to avoid discolouration and odor and then wash it with hot water. Every evening after emptying the cup, wash it with water and mild unscented soap. You don’t want any aggressive chemicals inside your vagina!

While some users decide to do it, we absolutely DON’T recommend using dishwasher for cleaning the cup. Strong detergents may damage the surface of the cup and may leave residues on the cup, which is even worse – it can irritate and damage your vaginal mucosa.

Of course you can – and it is no more difficult than at home! You just wash it with (potable) tap or bottled water over the toilet or sink or wipe or clean it using intimate cleaning wipes like LaliWipes, which you probably already carry in your purse most of the time.

LaliCup should be removed, emptied and cleaned with water or intimate wipes a few (on average 2 – 4) times a day. At least once per month, at the end of each menstruation period, you clean your cup thoroughly by sterilizing it in boiling water for approximately 10 minutes.

Quite the opposite! LaliCup menstrual cup is much easier to clean compared to some other types of menstrual cups. Its innovative design and smooth medical-grade silicon prevent dust and other impurities to accumulate on the surface. Besides, the holes at the top of the cup, that enable formation of a light seal, are slightly larger, which makes them much easier to clean.

All products that are used regularly eventually wear out, so it can’t be any different with LaliCup menstrual cup. However, with proper maintenance and careful use it definitely won’t happen overnight – unlike many other products, LaliCup menstrual cup can last for years! To prevent your LaliCup from discoloration and developing odor follow the instructions in the section „What is the best way to clean my LaliCup menstrual cup?“.

With your own LaliCup menstrual cup, you will receive a special storage bag with a zipper, that will keep your LaliCup safe until your next period. The bag can also be washed if necessary.