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Still not convinced?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

Many still insist on using traditional hygiene products. Although more and more women and girls are going for menstrual cup, some still stick with traditional products that they consider as the best, safest and most reliable choice despite many contraindications. Old habits die hard, but we must stop being afraid to try something new!


Menstrual cups are designed from soft medical silicone allowing them to be easily folded to a smaller format that is inserted into the vagina without any unpleasant feeling or pain. Besides, you probably weren’t familiar with the fact that menstrual cup is inserted lower into the vagina than usually tampon? When inserted properly you should not feel it at all! The light seal created against vaginal walls keeps it in place, so you can safely do all your favourite activities, including travelling, sleeping and all kinds of sports, even swimming.

That is the first doubt to be eliminated – the investment in menstrual cup is on average comparable to the three-month purchase cost of traditional hygiene products, but a single cup can be used for several years!

Definitely not – single menstrual cup can be used for many years, while traditional feminine hygiene products have to be disposed after each use, thus creating tons of waists each year.

This is also something you should not be worried about. Unlike traditional hygiene products, menstrual cup does not irritate the vaginal mucosa or cause dryness. It is produced of high-grade medical silicone, free of any potentially harmful chemicals, which reduces the risk of inflammation, yeast infection and allergies.



Menstrual cups are created by women – and they have all experienced problems with unwanted blood stains during menstruation period for themselves. They know very well what kind of problems occur when using different types of feminine hygiene products. That is why menstrual cups are carefully designed in such a way that makes handling easy and without unwanted stains of blood on your hands, clothes or on the ground. Soft medical silicone allows the cup to be easily folded into a smaller format for quick and easy insertion, while its shape and the holes at the top create a light seal against the vaginal walls, providing safe and reliable collection of blood. The cup can quickly be removed without spilling the blood just by pinching the base of the cup and pulling it out. Some of the cups also have an additional stem below the base for even easier and more controlled removal of the cup, thus completely avoiding the risk of unwanted blood stains.


Handling menstrual cup in public toilets is no more difficult than doing it at home. In fact it is very simple: you just empty the content into the toilet or sink and clean the cup by flushing it with tap or bottled water. Alternatively, you can use intimate cleaning wipes to clean the cup in case of no water access, making the use of menstrual cup in pubic toilets simple, fast and completely hygienic in all situations!


When properly inserted, most women do not feel the cup at all. Special shape of the cup along with holes at the top create a light seal against the vaginal walls which ensures that it remains safely in place even during sport activities and sleeping. Not just that the use of a menstrual cup is completely safe and reliable even when swimming or bathing, it is recommended! The cup also works as a water tampon preventing the water from entering the vagina.


LaliCup also works as water tampon and prevents water from entering the vagina while bathing in a tub and swimming in dirty pool or sea.

A vacuum is an empty space without molecules and without air. When used, the menstrual cup creates a vacuum that is only lower than the air pressure and does not harm the vagina. With the help of that vacuum, the cup is placed between the vaginal muscles and at the same time prevents the entry of air or water into the vagina.

So, what do you say? Do you still think that all the fear, prejudices and concerns about the use of menstrual cups have a reasonable background?

Women and girls who are familiar with menstrual cup and are already using it would immediately say „No“.

Nor does any of them complain about additional money savings and contribution to the preservation of our environment. And when you add to that the important beneficial aspects for your health, convenience, cleanliness and above all the freedom that comes to you with the use of a menstrual cup – can you still think of any good reason why not try the LaliCup menstrual cup today?

Single menstrual cup can be used for many years, while traditional feminine hygiene products have to be disposed after each use, thus creating tons of waists each year.

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