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Folding methods

Folding techniques

Inserting a tampon is one of the things many younger girls or even older women fear the most – and it is no different with inserting the menstrual cup for the first time.

Any concerns or even fears regarding LaliCup menstrual cup insertion are completely unnecessary! Although the cup is slightly larger than a normal tampon it helps that it is made of soft medical-grade silicone that can be easily folded into a smaller format to ensure a safe, comfortable and painless insertion into the vagina.

Would you like to know how LaliCup menstrual cup can actually be folded and which method works best for you?

C-fold or heart fold

To make the C-fold, first pinch the sides of your cup together. Then fold the cup in half so that it looks like a C or U. This is the basic fold most women use.

Punch down fold or shell fold

For punchdown fold place your index finger on the top of the cup rim. Use this finger to push the rim down inside of the base and insert. This fold has the smallest insertion point.


7 fold or triangle fold

For the seven-fold first pinch the sides of your cup together. Then bring one corner down diagonally to the opposite bottom corner. This fold gives you the control over when you want to push the cup open.

Half diamond fold

To perform the half-diamond fold, take one side of the rim and fold it down towards the base. Then roll both sides inwards so they are touching in the middle. After that fold the cup in half. If everything else fails, I recommend you try this fold as you can use this nub to pop the cup open.




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