It comes in different sizes.
Beauty lies in diversity, and each of us women and girls is unique when it comes to factors to consider before choosing a certain menstrual hygiene product.
We want for every girl and woman to have a carefree life, so we offer LaliCup menstrual cup 3 different sizes: S (small), M (medium) and L (large) – so that each of you will find her own comfort and perfect protection!

How to choose the right menstrual cup for your body?

There are few things to consider before choosing the right size of your menstrual cup:

  • how heavy is your flow: heavier flow usually requires a larger cup,
  • what is your age: younger women usually have stronger vaginal muscles than older women, so the recommended cup size increases with the age of the user,
  • virginity: for girls who have not had sexual intercourse yet, a minimum cup size is recommended for easier insertion and removal,
  • vaginal birth: for women who have given birth vaginally, we recommend a maximum cup, since childbirth and pregnancy hormones alter the structure of the vaginal muscles and bones,
  • location of your cervix: if the cervix sits ​​low in the vagina (the position of the cervix can be touched with a finger) we recommend smaller cup size, since smaller cup is also shorter and will therefore fit better into your vagina,
  • how active is your lifestyle: women who are more physically active and fit have stronger core muscles of the body (e.g. aerobics, yoga, swimming, gymnastics), and usually also stronger pelvic floor muscles, thus they are often more comfortable with a smaller cup,
  • potential health problems: although most women don’t feel the cup at all, for women with sensitive bladder we recommend a smaller cup size, whereas women who have gynecological problems should consult with their doctor about the use of menstrual cup.

Choose your size

menstrual cup LaliCup - which size
menstrual cup LaliCup - which size.

Model S

perios cup LaliCup model S clear

Model S

Recommended for women with light menstrual flow and strong vaginal muscles, women with very sensitive bladder and virgins (also the ones with heavy menstrual flow). It is made of soft, very flexible silicone.

Capacity: 27.4 ml

Diameter: 40.3 mm

Length: 46 mm

Stem: 25.5 mm

Model M

model M navadna

Model M

Recommended for women with medium to heavy menstrual flow.

Capacity: 36.5 ml

Diameter: 44.2 mm

Length: 51 mm

Stem: 22 mm

Model L

Paket model L LaliCup

Model L

Recommended for older women with weaker vaginal muscles, women with heavy menstrual flow and women who have given birth vaginally.

Capacity: 41.3 ml

Diameter: 46,6 mm

Length: 54 mm

Stem: 19 mm

Need help ?

If you still have any doubts or additional questions about choosing the right LaliCup size for yourself, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!