Folding methods

Inserting a tampon is one of the things many younger girls or even older women fear the most – and it is no different with inserting the menstrual cup for the first time.

Any concerns or even fears regarding LaliCup menstrual cup insertion are completely unnecessary! Although the cup is slightly larger than a normal tampon is made of soft medical-grade silicone that can be easily folded into a smaller format to ensure a safe, comfortable and painless insertion into the vagina.

Would you like to know how can the LaliCup menstrual cup actually be folded and which method works best for you?

C-fold or heart fold

Hold the cup with both hands and press with your thumbs in the middle to flatten it. Using your middle finger, you fold the cup vertically so that the rim forms a letter „C“ or the shape of the heart when looking at front on.

This is the basic fold that most women use, and also the simplest. However, some women, especially younger girls, find this type of fold too thick, so the insertion requires a little more effort.

Push down fold or shell fold

Hold the cup in one hand and press on the outer part of the base with your other fore finger, pushing the base towards the rim. With the hand holding the cup, press the sides of the cup together to reduce the size. Squeeze the cup with your thumb and forefinger firmly as you insert it into the vagina.

This type of fold is most popular with younger girls, as the width of the cup is the smallest, allowing easy insertion. But due to unique anatomy of every woman, with this fold the cup may sometimes have difficulties to open inside the vagina. In that case you may need to repeat the process few times.

7 fold or triangle fold

Hold the menstrual cup using both hands with thumbs pressed against the front surface to flatten it. Diagonally fold the upper right side of the cup towards the lower left side. That way the shape of the rim resembles number 7.

Try this fold if you have troubles inserting the cup using other folding methods. With this type of fold you may need to repeat the process several times, as the cup sometimes has difficulties to unfold inside the vagina.