Pelvic floor muscles

The pelvic floor muscles perform many important functions in the female body. They support the vagina, uterus, intestine, bladder and rectum, and ensure their proper functioning. Strengthening these muscles is important for urinary and fecal continence (preventing incontinence). It also aids in sexual performance, thus increasing sexual pleasure for women and men. In addition, it gives you a more pleasant and efficient use of a menstrual cup.


How to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles?  

By regularly performing exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles known as Kegel exercises. We recommend you perform these exercises two to three times a day, for 5 minutes. They help improve incontinence, a common problem in older women, increase sexual pleasure and make the use of your new LaliCup menstrual cup more comfortable and efficient.

Useful tips


Did you fail to insert a menstrual cup the first time you tried it? Don’t worry, after a few tries, you will definitely succeed. LaliCup does not absorb or dry the vagina, so you can practice even when you are not menstruating. Pro tip – the shower is a great place because you are relaxed. You can moisten the cup with water or use a water-based lubricant. Don’t despair if problems arise at first. It takes some practice before you get the right feel – but it’s worth it.


Second suggestion: try different folding methods. Maybe the most used method is not the best for you!


If you are a young woman or have not had sex yet, we recommend the smaller LaliCup (model S). Take your time to insert the cup. You can use Bioglide lubricant to help (we sell it in our store!). When you use a menstrual cup for the first time, there is a possibility of piercing the hymen. However, chances are that you already pierced it with activities such as cycling or gymnastics.

LaliCup is well placed and stable when it is properly held by the vaginal walls with the help of a vacuum, and by the vaginal muscles. The cup, unlike a tampon, is placed in the lower part of the vagina, however, the stem should remain inside the vagina. If it still pokes through it can be shortened with sharp scissors.


The cup must open completely in the vagina to prevent fluid leakage. To ensure this, gently turn the cup in the vagina by twisting the stem. To check that the cup has opened completely, slide your finger along the cup. Anatomically, the vagina is tilted back, so placement will be easier if you guide the cup in the direction of the buttocks and move it up and down.



So what are the steps?


  1. Relax take a couple of deep breaths. If you’re just thinking about how you’re going to get the cup out and start panicking, we recommend you try again later. You may be tightening your muscles without even realizing it, and so you need a break to release the tension.



  1. Find a comfortable position that will allow you to remove the cup – most women remove the cup while sitting on the toilet. In this position, the vagina is open, and it is easier to relax your legs while sitting.


  1. Grasp the bottom of the cup firmly with your index finger and thumb and squeeze it together. The vagina is naturally curved and, in most women, when sitting, the cup is located above the pubic bone. You can make it easier to remove the cup by first inserting your index finger parallel to the vagina and sliding it along the edge of the cup to the top of the cup. Then squeeze the cup together and pull it out. You may also hear a distinctive sound when the vacuum is interrupted.


  1. Pull the cup down. Firmly pull the cup down; and don’t drop it. The bottom of LaliCup is not reinforced as with other cups, so you can easily squeeze it and break the vacuum that holds the cup in place.


In case the menstrual cup rises higher in the vagina, it is also possible that you have a high cervix. First, relax the muscles and try to grasp the stem or bottom of the cup with your fingers and press the edge against the walls of the vagina. In the squatting position, the cup moves lower, but you can also help yourself by pressing (the way you would when poopin). Don’t worry, the cup cannot just get lost in the vagina.

If you find that your cup is sliding down during use, check that it has been inserted correctly and that it has opened completely. Pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises (Kegel exercises) also help to better position the cup.


But what if I can’t feel the stem? In most cases, the cup moves so deep that you cannot even touch the stem only during sleep. In this case, do not try to remove it as soon as you wake up. Wait at least half an hour. Squatting (with extended legs and heels under the buttocks) – for example during a shower – helps to dilate the vagina and move the menstrual cup towards the vaginal opening. In this position, you can grab the bottom of the cup with your fingers, sit in the tub (if it is easier for you) and remove the cup as described above. Do not pull the cup just by the stem! It is also possible that you have a high cervix. In this case we would recommend you buy our model XL.

In case of any problems, please contact us by  e-mail:

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