PREBIOTIC: Rebalancing treatment for prevention of infection


Package contains:

Vidermina Prebiotic vaginal ovules 10 x 3g – Vidermina Prebiotic is a line with an acidic pH (3.8) for preventive use against recurrent vaginal inflammations (vaginosis and vaginitis). Its formula helps to restore the balance of the vaginal microflora and strengthens the activity of your own Lactobacillus.

Vidermina Prebiotic cleansing mousse with a slightly acidic formula (3.0 -3.5 pH) is intended for daily usage. It gently cleans and at the same time helps to balance the local microbiological flora. It works as a preventive therapy in the case of recurrent vaginitis and vaginosis. It works as a supportive therapy during periods of stress and during pregnancy.

LaliCup menstrual cup: don’t worry, if you already are a happy LaliCup user, there is an option for the Vidermina pack without LaliCup too 🙂


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