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A package consists of one LaliCup, instructions and a cute pouch for storage of the period cup.

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LaliCup menstrual cup is made of medical-grade silicone that does not irritate or dry vaginal mucosa and is suitable for sensitive and yeast infection or allergy-prone skin. Just imagine how much money you already spent on single-use tampons and pads! LaliCup can be used for multiple years and is an amazing eco-friendly alternative to traditional period products. You can wear it regardless of what you are doing – from sleeping to swimming. Thanks to its high capacity, you do not need to look for a toilet everywhere you go as it provides protection for multiple hours so you can enjoy the moment without worrying about stains on your trousers.

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During your period, wash the period cup with mild soap and water. At the end of each cycle sterilize it in a large amount of boiling water for 5 minutes.

LaliCup menstrual cup is manufactured in a factory maintaining high quality standards, with constant striving for process optimization. Production process complies with the requirements of ISO standards 9001 and 14001.
We aim to minimize environmental pollution; heat exchange system is used for heating the inside of production facilities, and the amount of consumed energy is minimized by using energy-saving machines and closed recirculating cooling water system.
Medical-grade silicones are tested for biocompatibility according to FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) standards and are therefore suitable for healthcare application. There are three types of medical silicones according to the potential use: not suitable for implantation, only for short-term implantation and for permanent implantation. Materials approved regarding the USP Class V and VI standards may be considered for medical use. Typical characteristics of silicones used for LaliCup menstrual cup production are purity, clarity, strength and excellent stabili

How to use LaliCup?
You just need to follow these five simple steps:
• prepare the menstrual cup (cleaning),
• fold the period cup into a smaller format for easier insertion,
• insert it into the vagina,
• remove it from the vagina
• empty and clean the Lalicup and reuse it.

When can I use LaliCup menstrual cup?
You can use LaliCup period cup continuously throughout your period for multiple hours. You can use it as a water tampon regardless if you are on your period or not.
LaliCup menstrual cup can safely be used at night and during sports activities.

Is LaliCup cup suitable for all women?
It is suitable for women of all ages (including virgins), however, it is recommended that women and girls who have any gynecological problems consult with their doctor.

Why women choose LaliCup?
LaliCup menstrual cup is the result of many years of experience in feminine hygiene product industry. With its innovative design and modern manufacture methods the efficiency is combined with comfort, providing women and girls with pleasant experience of menstruation period.
LaliCup menstrual cup:
1. can safely be used while sleeping, travelling, sports activities, and even swimming,
2. it does not cause dryness or irritate the vaginal mucosa,
3. does not cause allergies, rashes and yeast infections,
4. is cheaper and eco-friendly alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products,
5. works as water tampon that prevents water from entering the vagina while bathing in a tub and swimming in the pool or sea,
6. is made of soft medical-grade silicone (latex- and BPA-free), thus completely comfortable and safe to use,
7. thanks to the innovative design it has greater capacity and can be used without leaks even with heavier menstrual flow,
8. easily folds into a smaller format for insertion and easily unfolds inside the vagina,
9. has a carefully designed base, that prevents the cup from rotating inside the vagina, which can sometimes happen with other cups,
10. has a base designed for our comfort – just wide enough to easily hold it during removal, while the shape of the base makes it easy to check if it unfolded properly after insertion,
11. is made of a smooth silicone that prevents the accumulation of dust, germs, allergens and other impurities, which makes for easier hygiene maintenance compared to some other menstrual cups,
12. has slightly larger holes at the top of the cup (designed to create a light seal that holds the cup securely in place), so they can be cleaned easier,
13. has soft and elastic stem that makes the use completely comfortable and at the same time facilitates the removal of the cup,
14. can be safely used for years, with the proper maintenance,
15. is the first menstrual cup designed and produced in Slovenia.

3 reviews for LaliCup – black

  1. Moni

    Perfect cup!!!

  2. Emese

    My cup arrived Monday, just in time to try it out! And I have to say…. It is so big (ordered L) and thicker than I imagined… And still, I had absolutely no problems putting it in and felt NOTHING when it was in place!! It was incredible!!
    I LOVE IT!!! ?? THANK YOU ?

  3. Lidija

    I must say that LaliCup was worth every penny I spent on it! I don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner. Since I have heavy period flow, I purchased model L and it never once leaked or overflowed. At first I was worried about how I would be able to work out or swim with a menstrual cup (will I feel it, will the stem be problematic, will it leak…) but LaliCup stays in place during all physical activities and the stem is flexible so it does not bother me at all.
    Women go for it, you will definitely not regret it!


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