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We honestly believe that LaliPanties and LaliCup are a match made in heaven. The pack is perfect for all women but especially for the ones that have only just started their journey with a menstrual cup and are figuring out how to insert it properly. That is where LaliPanties come in handy – a special layer has the ability to prevent front, back and inner thigh staining. LaliPack provides full protection and carefree days.

The pack consists of: leakproof LaliPanties (period underwear) and a clear LaliCup.




LaliPack provides full protection and carefree days. In the package you will find the winning combination of waterproof LaliPanties (menstrual panties) and a clear LaliCup.

LaliCup menstrual cup is made of medical-grade silicone that does not irritate or dry vaginal mucosa and is suitable for sensitive and yeast infection or allergy prone skin. Just imagine how much money you already spent on single use tampons and pads! Lalicup can be used for multiple years and is an amazing eco-friendly alternative to traditional period products. You can wear it regardless of what you are doing – from sleeping to swimming. Thanks to its high capacity, you do not need to look for a toilet everywhere you go as it provides protection for multiple hours so you can enjoy the moment without worrying about stains on your trousers.

LaliPanties are nothing like the adult diapers you’re probably picturing. They feel just like normal underwear; the only difference you might notice is a special layer that protects from potential stains on your trousers. Depending on how heavy your flow is, period panties might not be absorbent enough, so we honestly believe that LaliPanties and LaliCup are a match made in heaven. LaliPanties are washable and reusable, making them the perfect eco-friendly alternative to disposable sanitary products. Not to mention their cute patterns that make periods more fun.

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