Heating pad for period cramp relief


Using a heating pad that can be microwaved will relieve your muscles and period discomfort. 🙂
Dry cherry seeds inside the pouch keep the temperature steadily warm/cold for a prolonged period of time.
Lali heating pad is also an excellent travel companion, and relaxation equipment.


The flexible heating pad conforms to your body to effectively relieve specific painful areas.
Without the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals, this natural heating pad safely relieves period cramps or any other pain (all from neck to knee) .
It is simple to use and works well as either cold or warm compress.


Because their wooden casing stores heat extremely well – even better than rice or flax seeds and above all because these bigger round pits lie nicely on the painful place and adapt to that body part really good, providing health and relief for a prolonged period of time.

Heat the Lali heating pad in the oven at a temperature of no more than 110°C for 5 minutes

Heat the Lali heating pad in a microwave oven with a power set to no more than 150W for 1 minute.

Place the heater on your stomach (or any other painful area) for menstrual cramps/pain relief.

External usage only.

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