Storage pouch for washable pads (wet bag).


The waterproof two-piece bag is ideal for storing washable pads. It can be used for either clean or dirty pads. We recommend that you clean the dirty pads in cold water as soon as you get home. The bag has two pockets that close easily with snaps on both sides.

– size: 16 x 11 cm

– the bag can fit 2-3 pads



Waterproof two-piece pouch for pads

This wet bag is was designed to contain washable cloth pads for when you are on the go. It has two pockets that close easily at the fold. It is the perfect place to stash pads prior to washing them. What is more, both pockets are made of waterproof material, which allows simultaneous storage of clean and dirty pads

– size: 16 x 11 cm

– due to the size of the bag is can contain 2-3 LaliPads;


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