By purchasing Lali products, you help with the donation

November is my birthday month, so we decided to do a mini-campaign where at the end of the month we will donate some cups to charity.

You play a vital part

Yes, yo do indees! But how – I hear you ask. Well, we will collect a few percentages from each purchase in the month of November, which will be crucial in the final number of cups that we will give away.

Where will the cups travel to?

 We connected with a Ukrainian NGO called Zero Waste Lviv.

They are currently collecting reusable menstrual products to be distributed to internally displaced women and volunteers in war zones.

In this way, they will show them their support and at the same time reduce plastic pollution from disposable pads and tampons.

Every purchase counts

 Of course, we will inform you at the end of the month about how many menstrual cups we managed to collect with your help and about all the other details.

I am certain that even – in normal times – a simple thing like the cup “voyage” will be quite an interesting ordeal. Why? It is because currently, for obvious reasons, no courier service delivers packages to Ukraine. But our Lali team will not give up that easily!

Do you also have old winter clothes accumulating at home?

 Anastasia and Liliya – the girls we spoke with also mentioned that many organizations are currently collecting warmer clothes, sleeping bags, blankets… which will come in handy in the coming cold months.

You probably have an old winter jacket in your closet that has been collecting dust for a while, because you’re still hoping that it will come back into fashion – am I right?

If you’re ready to say goodbye to it for good (RIP, you will be missed), here’s a great opportunity, and it’s going to charity so a win-win in my books. 🙂