Tampons are still the current internal protection method of choice for most people.

Partly because of the advertisement they receive – they are taught in schools and in health education classes…

 and partly because you see them in literally every shopping centre and pharmacy regardless of what country you live in.

Watching a film and a girl is on her period? I can bet that there is a tampon product placement in that shot.

It is true that cups have come a long way

(fun fact: they are not such a new phenomenon
as you would like to imagine. The first patented and usable menstrual cup has been around since 1932)

 but most people are still not sure how to use them and why they should choose a period cup over a tampon.

menstrual cup flower

So here is a quick table that highlights the main differences:

                            TAMPON                   MENSTRUAL CUP
–          absorbent one-time use product

–          made up of synthetic fibers

–          different absorbency levels

–          most of the time they come with a plastic applicator

–          tampon will sit just below the cervix and you take it out by pulling the string

–  come in different shapes and sizes and have a longer wear time (multiple years)

–          LaliCup is made from FDA approved silicone

–          do not absorb body’s natural moisture

–          no applicator, usage of different folding techniques for insertion

–          cups will sit much lower than a tampon and you take it out by breaking the seal (not just pulling for the stem!)

Depending on what menstrual cup you use, they can hold between three to six times more than the average tampon.

So if you have a pretty heavy period, cups are the way to go because you can go longer in between having to change the period cup.

menstrual cups

Granted, menstrual cups have a much higher learning curve than the tampon.  With the tampon you just kind of shove it in while you have to get used to folding the cup.

 I am aware that here at Lali team we are a little biased, but that is because LaliCup is more convenient in the long run, more eco-friendly, more comfortable and do not irritate like tampons.

Just ask your amazing cup-using friend if they would like to switch back to tampons. I can bet, that the answer would be a firm no.

How about you, do you use LaliCup?