Could “those” days of the month be more environmentally friendly?

This is the title of the story that was given to Mateja’s article for the 5-week challenge for the Earth at Sensa media. 🙂

Their article also contains some period facts that will shock you (eg: one pad includes about the same amount of plastic as 4 plastic bags), you can read it here: ARTICLE

But wait, there is more! 😛 Last week, 2 nice members of the Sensa team visited us, brought a huge light + a fancy camera and that’s how the video below was created.

Menstruation is a normal part of life, but unfortunately, many menstrual products have a significant impact on the planet.

From a young age, we are taught about disposable pads and tampons, which are convenient because we can simply dispose of them after use. However, this is also the problem; we should be thinking about what happens to them after we dispose of them. Disposable pads and tampons take 500-800 years to decompose and are equivalent to four plastic bags in terms of their environmental impact.

That is why in the video Mateja talks about her vision for a more eco-friendly future as well as presents all of the period alternatives from menstrual cups to period panties that just might be one of the steps towards a better future. 🙂