The moment you decide to use LaliCup menstrual cup you make the first step towards more comfortable, enjoyable and healthy life. LaliCup menstrual cup will allow you to live your life to the fullest, even in the time of  your menstruation period. Now, the only thing you have left, is to learn how to use your LaliCup menstrual cup properly.

Is LaliCup suitable for all women?

It is suitable for women of all ages (including girls before their first sexual intercourse), however it is recommended that women and girls who have any gynaecological problems consult with their doctor.

When can I use LaliCup menstrual cup?

You can use LaliCup menstrual cup continuously throughout your period (for up to 12 hours) and also all the way through your cycle. Outside your period time, LaliCup menstrual cup can be used as a water tampon while swimming or bathing, as it prevents water from entering the vagina. LaliCup menstrual cup can safely be used at night and during sports activities.

How to use Lalicup?

You just need to follow these five simple directions:

  • prepare the cup (cleaning),
  • fold the cup into a smaller format for easier insertion,
  • insert it into the vagina,
  • remove it from the vagina and
  • empty and clean the cup and reuse it.

1. Preparation (cleaning)

Wash the cup with water and mild soap and put it into boiling water for approximately 10 minutes before using it for the first time. Check if the holes at the top of the cup are completely open. Wash your hands well with warm water and mild soap before using the cup to prevent the chance of any harmful substances entering the vagina. Appropriate hand hygiene is the key for the safe use of the cup.


2. Fold the cup into a smaller format for easier insertion

LaliCup menstrual cup is made of soft medical-grade silicone that can be easily folded into a smaller format for easier insertion. Learn about the different techniques of menstrual cup folding in section „Folding methods“.


3. Insertion

Before you use the cup for the first time or until you get completely used to it, you can use water or water-based lubricant for easier insertion. Get into a comfortable position. Most women find insertion the easiest while sitting on the toilet, squat or lifted one leg. The firm grip of the folded cup (with the ring on) placed in the lower part of the vagina, thereby releasing the vaginal muscles. A cup is placed a few centimetres below the cervix (more on the location of the cervix can be found on the page „Know your body“). Don’t worry, if your first insertions is a little clumsy – you will find the correct position in the vagina with a little practice and exploring your anatomy. After insertion, check if the cup is properly unfolded to effectively catch menstrual blood; we do this by gently touching the bottom of the cup along the rim with your finger. If you find the stem of the cup uncomfortable, you can easily cut it off, partly or completely. A stem is not a necessary feature and you will still be able to insert and remove your menstrual cup without it. However, some women claim that leaving a short part of the stem remaining makes removal easier. Properly inserted cup does not cause pain or a feeling of discomfort. menstrualna skodelica

4. Remove the cup from the vagina

Women usually remove and empty menstrual cup 2- to 4-times a day. Again – don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap before you remove it. To remove LaliCup menstrual cup, find yourself a comfortable position (sitting, squatting or standing) to spread your legs. Relax your vaginal muscles and squeeze firmly the base of the cup with your thumb and forefinger, until you feel that the seal holding the cup securely in place is released. Releasing the seal can sometimes produce a distinctive sound. Fold the cup into a smaller format (similar to the insertion), and gently pull the cup out of the vagina. You can help yourself by holding the stem, however removing the cup by simply pulling on the stem is not recommended, as it creates suction that may result in spilling the content of the cup or even damage your vagina. With proper removal of the LaliCup menstrual cup there will be no more blood stains. menstrualna skodelica LaliCup

5. Empty and clean the cup and reuse it

After removal of the cup, empty the content into the toilet or sink. Wash the cup using tap or bottled water or wipe it with intimate cleaning wipes. Reinsert the cup.  čiščenje LaliCup skodelice

More tips for comfortable use and easy maintenance of LaliCup menstrual cup

Cleaning: during your menstruation period, wash the cup after each use with mild soap and water or cleaning wipes. At the end of each cycle sterilize it in the large amount of boiling water (5 – 10 minutes). If necessary, you can sterilize the cup also during the monthly period.

If the cup is damaged: damaged cup will not perform well and may even cause damage to your vagina, so you should immediately replace it with a new one!

What LaliCup is NOT: LaliCup menstrual cup is not a toy, so keep it out of reach of children and pets. It is also not a contraceptive and does not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases – you should remove it before sexual intercourse.

Health problems: at the first signs of health problems in your genital area, such as pain, itching, irritation or inflammation, remove the cup immediately and consult a doctor.