What is LaliCup?

LaliCup is a menstrual cup, the first one designed and produced in Slovenia.

LaliCup was made for all women and girls to make their period experience more pleasant, easier to handle and much more comfortable.

LaliCup is healthier, more comfortable, reliable, ecological and also much cheaper alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products used in the past centuries.


LaliCup menstrual cup is made of 100% medical-grade silicone and contains no latex or harmful BPA. Unlike tampons, it does not irrite the vaginal mucosa by absorbing all vaginal fluid along with the blood. Instead by collecting your menstrual flow, LaliCup preserves the delicate pH and bacterial balance in your vagina, which makes it suitable also for women with sensitive genital area prone to yeast infection, rashes and allergies. There are also no reported cases of toxic shock syndrome induced by the use of menstrual cup.


LaliCup menstrual cup can comfortably be used when you go to bed, during travelling and all kinds of leisure and sports activities, even swimming! It is carefully designed and made of soft medical-grade silicone, so it does not cause any unpleasant feelings during exercising. Even inserting it into place is quick and simple, because of its smooth texture and soft edges. Just fold it into a smaller format and place it into vaginal canal, lower than we usually insert tampons.


With the innovatively designed LaliCup you can feel safe and comfortable at all times. The light seal created against the vaginal walls keeps it in the right place and the seal is released only after pinching the base of the cup when you want to remove it.

The shape and capacity of LaliCup ensure maximum performance even in the case of increased menstrual flow. It can be safely used while bathing and swimming as it stays at a right place and at the same time prevents water from entering the vagina..

Eco - friendly

Old habits die hard – this especially goes for traditional feminine hygiene products used during menstruation in the past centuries.  An average woman consumes about 17.000 hygiene pads in a lifetime. Disposable tampons or pads have huge environmental impact of the waist of not only the product itself, but also the packaging plastic, cardboard applicators, as well as less visible costs of transportation and production. LaliCup menstrual cup is much more ecological as it is designed for long-term use. By using your LaliCup for up to several years you contribute to reducing environmental waste and preservation of many trees that are cut down every year for paper-based alternatives.

The use is simple and they can be cleaned quickly and easily by emptying the collected blood into the toilet or sink and simply washing the cup using tap or bottled water or cleaning wipes.


An average woman spends from 50 € to 120 € per year for classical hygiene products such as pads and tampons. By using the same reusable menstrual cup for much longer period provides a significant cost savings.With LaliCup menstrual cup you will be making a long-term investment that returns to you in only 3 months!.

Calculate savings

Would you like to know exactly how much money you can actually save when using LaliCup menstrual cup? In the table below, enter the average number of tampons and pads used during a single menstruation and you will be presented with average savings for the periods of 6 months, 1 year and 5 years of use of LaliCup menstrual cup.

What I like about LaliCup menstrual cup is that it is not only good for us ladies, but also for the environment! Since I started using it, the inflammation is gone and itching disappeared along with other unpleasant feelings during menstruation. And above all – which is the most surprising thing for me – my menstruation period lasts a day or two less than before! Besides, my periods have been so light recently that spending money for pads or tampons seems almost ridiculous.

Why the name "LaliCup"?

„Lali“ is a nickname created for herself by a lovely little girl named Klara, who inspires many of us to strive for the healthiest, most comfortable, carefree, yet responsible way of life. And that is exactly the kind of life that we wish for all women, and girls about to be one, to find.

The word „Lali“ consists of two parts – „La“ and „Li“. In Cantonese, the syllable „La“ is used to stress something just said and the syllable „Li“, according to ancient Chinese culture, illustrates a dynamic sequence of patterns in nature, such as patterns on peacock feathers, veins of a leaf, spiral on snail’s shell and arrangement of flower petals – the hidden language of nature which reminds us that everything has its meaning and purpose.

How to use LaliCup menstrual cup?

LaliCup menstrual cup can easily be folded into a smaller format (more on this in the section „Folding methods“) that we insert into the vagina below the cervix while sitting or standing in a squatting position. When inserted it unfolds, creating a light seal against the vaginal walls, that keeps the cup in place.
Menstrual blood collected in the cup should be emptied several (usually 2 to 4) times a day. We clean the cup by rinsing it with tap or bottled water over the sink or toilet or using intimate cleaning wipes, such as LaliWipes.

LaliCup menstrual cup is removed from the vagina by pinching the base of the cup, which releases the seal against the vaginal walls that keeps it in place. Then, while holding the base, it is gently pulled downwards.

The LaliCup menstrual cup can be used during sports activities, travelling, sleeping and even swimming continuously for up to 12 hours. It is usually used to collect blood during menstruation, but it can also serve as water tampon during bathing or swimming, to prevent water from entering the vagina.

For more information about inserting, use and disposal of menstrual cups LaliCup see the „How to use LaliCup“ page.