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Why LaliCup?

LaliCup menstrual cup is a healthier, more comfortable, reliable, ecological and much cheaper alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products used in the past centuries. As such, it is also a symbol of modern women and girls who want to live a carefree, healthy, active and responsible life.

Why women prefer LaliCup?

LaliCup is the result of many years of experience in the feminine hygiene product industry. With its innovative design and modern manufacture methods, the efficiency is combined with comfort, providing women and girls with a pleasant experience during period, and at the same time reducing the most common problems that can be caused by the use of other feminine hygiene products.


Why is LaliCup unique?

Did you know?

  • The average woman consumes about 17,000 hygiene pads in her life, which means a large amount of waste therefore a min. € 4,000 costs per woman.
  • The female sexual organ is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and it absorbs toxic substances faster than any other organ, which makes intimate hygiene vital for our health.
  • 75% of clogged drains are caused due to the flushing of intimate hygiene products.
  • The main reasons for women to continue using traditional feminine hygiene products are unexplained prejudice against menstrual cups and blindly sticking to old habits.
  • Three out of four women suffer from vaginal infections, often caused by traditional feminine hygiene products, at least once in a lifetime.
  • LaliCup is made of medical-grade silicone which does not cause allergies, in contrast to other materials used for the production of traditional feminine hygiene products.

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LaliCup has greater capacity suitable for women with very heavy flow <3

Advantages of LaliCup:

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