Our story

Our mission and vision

“We are a group of friends co-creating the path of the first Slovenian menstrual cup called LaliCup and we stand for better, more beautiful and more comfortable life during menstruation.” Maja

“We want to ensure carefree days during menstruation for all women.” Mateja

“We are spreading the idea of a healthy alternative for women, that promotes living in harmony with yourself and getting closer to becoming one with nature.” Erika

“We want to introduce the Slovenian brand LaliCup to the world. Nature knows no borders!” Lucija

“We are cool girls, all with menstrual cramps. Our desire is to change the menstrual problems into a single joy during menstruation. ” Polona


Why we decided to create the first Slovenian menstrual cup?

For many years, we have imported menstrual cups and have been using the cups ourselves. As users, we had a lot of complaints, such as that the stem is too stiff, the holes at the top too small, the material too hard…

Growing ideas for improvements led us to the decision to create our own menstrual cup, better, more sophisticated and user-friendly. Using our own bodies and experiences as a reference, combined with the highest quality materials and modern manufacture processes, we created LaliCup menstrual cup that should satisfy the needs of even the most demanding costumers.

Why the name „LaliCup“?

The word „Lali“ was created by 2-year old daughter named Klara. This lovely little girl, still unable to pronounce her own name correctly, came up with the nickname for herself „Lali“ and with her young, innocent and positive energy inspired us to name the cup after her. Her real name „Klara“, comes from the word „clarus“ which means clear, that also describes the idea behind the use of a menstrual cup.

Another inspiration comes from the syllable „Li“ that, according to ancient Chinese culture, illustrates a dynamic sequence of patterns in nature (Li- the natural order of flow; Li- the wonderful dancing pattern of liquid), one of which is also women’s monthly cycle.

Circular and spiral patterns are repeated endlessly through different faces of nature, such as eye-like-patterns on peacock feathers, spiral on snail’s shell, veins of a leaf, spiral flow of water, arrangement of flower petals and flowers and the shape of the moon and the sun. All describing the hidden language of nature spoken by our ancestors and ancient cultures.

So, the name „Lali“ is full of symbolic meaning describing pure natural flow and dynamical patterns of nature.

About me

My name is Mateja Kalin. I am a sociable person, woman, wife, mother of two daughters – and everything else that comes with that. I love adventurous trips to known or unknown, meeting new interesting people and discovering different cultures. I love nature and I sincerely stand for a simple way of life.

With a desire to enlighten other women, also struggling with menstrual issues, I became a self-proclaimed “ambassador for women’s intimate hygiene during menstruation.” Our biggest challenge is to change the habit of using tampons and pads, which is still deeply-rooted in many contemporary women. It is similar to using contact lenses instead of glasses for the first time. But the feeling of freedom that comes with the change, is priceless! So my beliefs, perseverance and vision lead me forward.

Thank you for helping me spread the message of better health and better life!

Mateja Kalin

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