Klara Žagar (check her out on IG: @klaraazagar) is an eco-friendly traveler and photographer who is currently living in a van with her husband and a dog. Check out her period experience:

How do you deal with your period in a van?

When living in a van, periods can be tricky, but they do not have to be. That is why I love using a menstrual cup. 6 years ago my friend recommended I try a period cup and that choice made my life during period so much easier – needless to say, I have been an avid user ever since.

How To Deal With Your Period

Why is the most important thing for you when using a cup?

I have so many sizes to choose from (here is our size guide)!

But the biggest plus in my opinion is that a menstrual cup does not have the unpleasant “plasticy” smell that used to bother me so much whit traditional hygiene products.

Not to mention that you can swim with it! Basically, LaliCup gives you a feeling of freedom!

Want to hear more of what Klara has to say (how she changes the cup, where does she put the blood etc?) Check the video below – period segment starts at 4:35. 🙂


Let’s face the facts… backpacking / traveling on your period is not the most convenient thing. But since when has inconvenience stopped women from doing what they like? In the past few years, menstrual cups have become a great alternative for all ladies who adore traveling.

There are numerous positive sides to menstrual cups: they are environmentally friendly and reusable; hence you end up spending close to nothing on feminine hygiene products. Not to mention that even for less extensive travel, different period products can cause all kinds of clutter in your suitcase. LaliCup comes in a pouch and you can simply put it into your hygiene bag with your brush and toothpaste. It can also be worn considerably longer than pads – thanks to its high capacity, you do not need to look for a toilet everywhere you go as it provides protection for multiple hours so you can enjoy in every moment without worrying about stains on your trousers.