Due to the pandemic, people’s lives turned upside down. We have been thinking of how we can help to improve the situation a bit for quite some time now, so we decided to donate 30 cups. We teamed up with lovely ladies at the Social Work Centre in Ljubljana, who will make sure the cups will end up in the right hands, as every woman, regardless of her economic status, deserves at least a carefree period.

donation in menstrual health day


The 28th of May is just around the corner. What is the significance of this day you might ask?

For some, period may simply be an inconvenience they do not pay much attention to. But for millions of others, this natural cycle can equate to abuse, feeling of shame and missed opportunity. That is why we are happy that days like this exist as on menstrual hygiene day different events and activities are organized by non-profit organisations around the world, ranging from concerts to raise awareness to educational classes in schools, all to increase and build healthy discussions around this topic.

Fun fact: Why this date? The average duration of the menstrual cycle is 28 days, and women bleed about five days a month, so 28th May is the ideal date to raise awareness of such an important topic.