Ever wondered how Ancient Greeks saw periods?

Did you know that the moment you step in front of your mirror when on your period, it turns red! That does not quite add up, does it? Well, tell that to Aristotle! If you think pineapple on pizza is strange, wait till you hear what Ancient Greeks had to say about menstruation.
I have had Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation my TBR list for way to long, and boy was I not disappointed when I finally picked it up. Let me sum up the chapter with some of the oddest Greek ideas about menstruation:

How ancient greeks saw periods

 The philosopher Plato wrote that “the uterus wandered in every direction”; he basically saw it as a little thing that freely roamed around the female body constantly searching for children (sometimes even going into a woman’s throat) and got lonely and very angry if it did not find any.

Hippocrates – yes, the one who is known as the father of medicine – theorized that the uterus was in fact the source of female emotions. If one were unfortunate enough to possess a temperamental uterus that decided to go rampaging through one’s body willy-nilly, this manifested itself as a condition called hysteria.

And what about Ptolemy the inventor of the map? Well, let us just say that he believed humans’ deepest desire is immortality and supreme enlightenment through the consumption of ambrosia. And what is ambrosia? You guessed it – menstrual blood!

To be fair, we cannot hold anything against Aristotle and the ancient Greeks, as their scientific and medical conclusions were seriously hampered not only by laws and religious strictures but also by prevailing sexism and unchallenged assumptions. But if you ever see a mirror turning red, I think it would be safe to blame it on sleep deprivation rather than your period!

Has it ever happened to you that you checked your period app only to notice that your period should have started already? And, let’s be honest, now you are ever so slightly panicking inside. Don’t worry! Normal cycle is more of a spectrum than anything else. It usually lasts somewhere between 3-7 days, with a blood loss of around 4 tablespoons in total. However, nothing is set in stone, as some people have lighter/heavier periods than others, and it can even vary from cycle to cycle. ​A general rule of thumb is that a period is considered late if it is delayed by 7 days or more.

Period a normal cycle

Stress may be one of the biggest reasons for your period coming later than usual. Having a manageable amount of stress in your life is absolutely normal but excessive levels of either physical or mental stress can have different effects on your body, one of them being delayed period.

Period a delay
How to get back on track?

Make time to relax. Whatever floats your boat meditation, journaling, colouring books… – go for it!
Track your moods, changes in diet or big life events in order to better identify some of your stressors.
– Cut back on caffeine and alcohol as both can increase cortisol levels.
Prioritize healthy sleep we often focus on quantity and forget about quality, a good night routine may help your body fall into a proper sleep rhythm.

Every Summer we receive quite a few calls from worried parents whose teenage daughters just started their period and now they do not know what to do – should they reschedule their holidays, or should they present them with tampons and menstrual cups?  Should they simply tell them to pack extra tampons, throw on a pair of swimwear, and despite the gorgeous weather watch their daughters suspiciously tell everyone “I just don’t feel like swimming today”?

Once in a while we even get a dad calling in his daughter’s name saying that she will not, under any circumstance, put anything into her body as it will “take her virginity” – such a persistent myth deserves a blog post of its own so I will not dwell on it any further here. Would you like the next newsletter to talk about that? Do let us know.

Got it, no menstrual cups then. Luckily, we just might have an alternative that will satisfy everybody!

Enjoy your holiday even in your first period

Period underwear

I know, I know – it sounds odd when underpants are introduced as an alternative – the name itself implies that they are supposed to be worn under something.  But just hear me out on this one.

Period scrundies Emilla are nothing like the adult diapers you’re probably imagining right now. They feel just like normal underwear; the only difference you might notice is a leak-proof layer as well as a soaker pad sewn inside. Their snug and comfy fit is perfect for when you are bloated or having cramps and not to mention, they are washable and reusable, making them the perfect eco-friendly alternative to disposable sanitary products.

 They come in different fun designs that will definitely put a smile on your face. You might not be able to swim in them for hours on end, but they will definitely protect you if you decide to go for a quick dip in the ocean. The only question left now is – what top will you wear to match your period panties?

Would you like to check the panties out?

Catch you next time!

Lali team

Ever seen Jaws? If yes, then swimming whilst on your period might seem like a daunting ordeal. However, we have good news for you! The rumours are absolutely not true as sharks have zero interest in your discarded uterine lining. So, to all aspiring swimmers out there – pack your bathing suit, we are going for a swim.

swim on your period

Regardless of if it is a hot summer day at the beach or you are swimming laps at the local pool LaliCup is a must have for those days.

Menstrual cups are worn internally and will definitely add to your options for pool day period alternatives and the best thing is you only need to bring one! LaliCup is reusable and made of medical grade silicone, so you only need one that can be used swim after swim. Gone are the days where an entire tote bag was dedicated to different period products – am I right?

If inserted correctly the cup will not leak as no fluid can get in and as the capacity is much higher than that of a tampon, you will be able to enjoy in the water for much longer and not look for the toilet the second you decide you have had enough water fun for the day.

Oh, and a hot tip: We would always recommend that you empty your LaliCup prior to swimming.

So, there you have it! If you enjoy swimming during the rest of your cycle, there is no reason to stop when you are on your period. So bust out that impressive front crawl technique of yours and swim your heart out!

Do you remember your first period? Mateja Kalin, Executive Director of Bujaka ltd. and founder of LaliCup menstrual cup, sure does:

Of course, I was not prepared… and, as luck would have it, I got it during a school day. I ran to the toilet all scared and confused, quickly shoved some toilet paper down my pants and pretended nothing happened. As soon as I got home I told my mum about it –  she simply presented me with some pads and that was the end of that ordeal. Great! So now I am an 11-year-old girl who walks like a duck due to pads (because in the late 80s they resembled more to nappies than to pads that we know today).

As a child, I used to constantly dread if my period started when I was on holiday by the sea side. Sure, tampons were a possible solution, but I always found them horribly uncomfortable and had to change them every 2-3 hours (due to my heavy flow). The other option would be to take a week off swimming, but as a child, I didn’t want to miss all the fun I could have in the water.

I soon started thinking that there surely must exist a better solution to period problems; one that allows you to swim and can hold up for more than 3 hours before change. And so, in my twenties, I finally discovered menstrual cups and oh how the tides have turned!

Lalicup your period solution.

How was the first Slovenian menstrual cup LaliCup born?

With a desire to enlighten other people who are also struggling with menstrual issues, I became a self-proclaimed “ambassador for intimate hygiene during menstruation” in Slovenia. My biggest challenge was to change the habit of tampon and pad usage, which was still deeply rooted, but my beliefs and perseverance lead me forward.

First, I started importing another menstrual cup to Slovenia, but I soon realized that it did not meet my needs as I have a very heavy flow, so I decided to create the first Slovene menstrual cup. Using different experiences of me and my friends as a reference, combined with expert advice, the highest quality materials and modern manufacturing processes, LaliCup – a cup for heavy flow – was created.

It took a few years but now I am happy to report that more and more women know about different menstrual alternatives. They decide to use LaliCup for multiple reasons: from its high capacity to comfortability, environment and economical aspects. And that is what I would consider the best part of my job: the feeling that you get when you know that your work has meaning and that it has changed somebody’s life for the better!

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Due to the pandemic, people’s lives turned upside down. We have been thinking of how we can help to improve the situation a bit for quite some time now, so we decided to donate 30 cups. We teamed up with lovely ladies at the Social Work Centre in Ljubljana, who will make sure the cups will end up in the right hands, as every woman, regardless of her economic status, deserves at least a carefree period.

donation in menstrual health day


The 28th of May is just around the corner. What is the significance of this day you might ask?

For some, period may simply be an inconvenience they do not pay much attention to. But for millions of others, this natural cycle can equate to abuse, feeling of shame and missed opportunity. That is why we are happy that days like this exist as on menstrual hygiene day different events and activities are organized by non-profit organisations around the world, ranging from concerts to raise awareness to educational classes in schools, all to increase and build healthy discussions around this topic.

Fun fact: Why this date? The average duration of the menstrual cycle is 28 days, and women bleed about five days a month, so 28th May is the ideal date to raise awareness of such an important topic.

We get quite a few questions related to various sports and menstruation. Can I work out during my period? Can exercise and period go hand in hand even during vigorous workouts or will it leak?


Did you know that you can swim with a menstrual cup? You can rely on a menstrual cup for all water activities. You use it as usual: insert the cup before swimming and empty it once you come out of the water. It offers you complete protection.


LaliCup sport


What about fitness, yoga and other sports? What types of exercise are (in)appropriate during menstruation?

This is not about limiting yourself to certain types of activities, as the cup offers complete protection regardless of the activity. But we must bear in mind that we are different: listen and respect your body. Find the activity that works best for you at that time of the month.

My experience: a few days before menstruation I am usually quite tired, so I will be doing simpler exercises (there are a whole bunch of easier/beginner workouts on the internet. Just search for “period workout” and you will see what I am talking about). I usually don’t exercise on the first day, and the other days I can choose any activity and be calm thanks to my trusty LaliCup.



Let’s face the facts… backpacking / traveling on your period is not the most convenient thing. But since when has inconvenience stopped women from doing what they like? In the past few years, menstrual cups have become a great alternative for all ladies who adore traveling.

There are numerous positive sides to menstrual cups: they are environmentally friendly and reusable; hence you end up spending close to nothing on feminine hygiene products. Not to mention that even for less extensive travel, different period products can cause all kinds of clutter in your suitcase. LaliCup comes in a pouch and you can simply put it into your hygiene bag with your brush and toothpaste. It can also be worn considerably longer than pads – thanks to its high capacity, you do not need to look for a toilet everywhere you go as it provides protection for multiple hours so you can enjoy in every moment without worrying about stains on your trousers.