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Period talk on alkimija besed

I have some fantastic news to share with you today about our very own Mateja, the founder of LaliCup.

She recently appeared on a popular podcast called “Alkimija besed with Flora Ema” to talk about periods, menstrual cups and dispel some common myths about them.

On the podcast, Mateja dishes out some serious wisdom about why period is still taboo, about the usage of menstrual cups and debunks some common myths surrounding this dreaded topic.

She’s also giving out some top-secret tips and tricks on how to use a menstrual cup like a pro. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on these gems of advice! 🙂
So, if you’re curious about menstrual cups, or if you’re already a fan of LaliCup and want to hear from the boss herself, then head on over to the “Alkimijabesed with Flora Ema” podcast.

P.S. Pstt, don’t forget to listen until the very end for your chance to win a free LaliCup.

Mateja from LaliCup talking about periods, menstrual cups and dispeling some common myths about them.
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